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Past event documents, including detailed notes and handouts, are available to MEF members via our membership intranet site

The MEF Board of Directors selects each year's session topics based on member interest. Topics usually focus on board development, fundraising, communication/marketing, and foundation management, areas of interest for education foundations of any size or maturity

Past Topics:

Private donor meetings, corporate partnerships

Education foundation / District partnerships 

Communication Plans

Donor Retention 

Annual Appeals

Endowment campaigns

Alumni outreach

Transitioning from all-volunteer board to paid staff

Grant Process

Public school funding in Michigan

Board engagement

Strategic planning/visioning

Succession planning and task division

Website solutions for nonprofits; ADA compliance

Database management

Board best practices

Fundraising events

Starting or re-starting a K-12 education foundation

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Outreach strategies for major gifts

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